Weinstein-Tull headshot

Emerson Fellow

Justin Weinstein-Tull

9th Class, 2002-2003

Justin earned a Bachelor of Science from Stanford University in Symbolic Systems (an interdisciplinary program combining Computer Science, Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics), and a Master of Arts in Modern Thought and Literature (another interdisciplinary major combining Literature, Philosophy, and Literary Theory).  He has worked with various community kitchens in the Bay Area and initiated several anti-hunger programs with the Stanford student anti-hunger group.

Field placement: FOOD for Lane County

Eugene, Oregon

Justin created models for community needs assessments, in order to identify where the need was greatest in Lane County, Oregon.  He also identified models for needs assessments within FFLC.

Policy placement: Food Research & Action Center

Washington, D.C.

At FRAC, Justin researched pilot programs designed to increase elderly participation in the Food Stamp program.  He examined the Thrifty Food Plan as it relates to seniors.  He also built an advocacy network around senior food issues.