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The Zero Hunger Internship matches college students and recent graduates with organizations working to address hunger across the country and around the world. Over the course of your 10-week internship, you will develop your professional and leadership skills and expand your subject knowledge through on-the-job training, the Hunger Center’s leadership development curriculum, and a summer seminar series. After completing the internship, you will be ready to advocate for an end to hunger.

Adding Capacity

Zero Hunger Interns are placed at host organizations that work to end hunger. As an intern, you will complete a 10-week work plan designed by your host organization that focuses on program implementation, policy, advocacy, research, development and fundraising, or communications. With a commitment to learning and growth, interns make substantive contributions to their host organizations in a short period of time. 

Josie Johnson (Summer 2019) headshot
The experience I had this summer as a Zero Hunger intern was extremely impactful and pivotal in helping direct my career path. I've been passionate about anti-hunger work, but this summer solidified my desire to work in this field. I was surrounded by passionate, intelligent, hardworking people that inspired me. Through the seminar series I gained an immense amount of knowledge on anti-hunger issues that I wouldn't have learned so quickly elsewhere. I also met some amazing friends that I know I'll keep up with throughout the years. Josie Johnson (Summer 2019), Texas Christian University, Class of 2020

Paid Learning Opportunity

As an intern, you will benefit from on the-job-training at your host organization and the Hunger Center’s leadership development curriculum. Interns also attend a five-part Summer Seminar Series with panels, workshops, and simulations, covering domestic and global hunger, the forces that drive hunger, and effective remedies. Zero Hunger Interns support each other’s learning and growth as they progress through the summer, learning together. Finally, at the end of the summer, you will give a presentation on the state of hunger in your hometown community and propose solutions to end it.

Maria Garcia (Summer 2019) headshot
The [Zero Hunger Internship] is a very comprehensive program, where you gain personal, social, and professional skills. While in D.C., I was both intimidated and empowered. Living in the capital, I was able to do a lot of exploring and learning, which I really enjoyed. I think the trainings ... were extremely beneficial, too, because we got to hear from a variety of perspectives on a wide range of topics. Maria Garcia (Summer 2019), UNC Charlotte, Class of 2019

Field-To-Policy Connection

Addressing the disconnect between policy and direct-service is a crucial step to ending hunger. We select interns for their commitment to ending hunger: in their home communities, interns are involved in local anti-hunger efforts and campaigns to improve food security for people all over the world. The Zero Hunger Internship will show you the connections between your experience with local solutions to hunger and federal anti-hunger policy, and teach you how advocacy and policy can be pathways to long-lasting, large-scale change.

Katie Waeldner (Summer 2019) headshot
As long as we focus on short-term solutions, no real change will happen. Emergency food aid is critically important, but people's lives will improve with policies that support people transitioning out of poverty. I hope to take the passion and drive of my classmates and channel it to policy solutions, instead of short-term solutions. When our leaders hear our persistent demands for structural change, they will listen. Katie Waeldner (Summer 2019), Duke University, Class of 2021

Intern In Action

Summer 2019 Zero Hunger Intern Chido Shamuyarira delivers her final presentation, “Increasing food security in Mbare, Zimbabwe,” August 2019


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