Alvarado headshot

Emerson Fellow

Nicole Alvarado

13th Class, 2006-2007

Nicole is a 2006 graduate of Humboldt State University, with a degree in Human Communication and a minor in Leadership Studies.  She was student body president, the official representative of the HSU student body to campus administrators, the local community, and the State of California.  Nicole was also appointed to the City of Arcata’s Homeless Task Force in 2004; in this capacity she worked with community members to create a 10 year affordable housing plan for the residents of Arcata.

Field placement: Farm to Table

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Nicole worked with communities in southern New Mexico to continue a three year community food security assessment, "Closing New Mexico's Food Gap."  Through the collection of qualitative data and extensive food source mapping, she documented the potential "gaps" between people and food.  Nicole presented the project to community leaders with the goal of improving every New Mexican’s access to nutritious, affordable, and culturally significant foods.

Policy placement: Volunteers of America

Alexandria, Virginia

Nicole researched the impact of homelessness on the health, education, and developmental outcomes of children.  She also used the data she collected to create educational outreach materials for VOA and its advocacy partners.