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Leland Fellow

Chika Kondo

12th Class, 2023-2025

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Chika Kondo is a dedicated practitioner working at the intersection of agrifood systems, gender, and sustainable agriculture. She holds a PhD from Kyoto University in Japan, where her research focused on the impact of alternative food networks on promoting equitable food access and agricultural sustainability. Most recently, Chika served as a gender and inclusion consultant for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. In this role, she led a regional study on livestock and gender in East Africa, reviewing national policies and initiatives that address key barriers and opportunities for women livestock keepers. Her work aimed to promote climate change mitigation, leverage digital technology, and improve access to finance for women in the livestock sector. Before her work in international development, Chika established a youth of color farmers' cooperative in New Orleans. Through this initiative, she integrated youth organizing, food sovereignty, and solidarity economics as means to combat food insecurity and empower communities to grow food for themselves. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Chika received her B.S. and B.A. in Society and Environment and Political Science from UC Berkeley. Her educational background and hands-on experience have driven her commitment to creating sustainable and inclusive food systems.

Host Organization: Oxfam

First Year Placement
Kampala, Uganda

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