Pullen headshot

Emerson Fellow

Bianca Pullen

14th Class, 2007-2008

Raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bianca is a 2005 graduate of the University of Chicago with a degree in human development and a focus on the social and cultural aspects of medicine.  Bianca was a McNair Scholar and presented a paper on how social support systems affect the pregnancy outcomes of young African-American women.  After college, Bianca served as a Public Health Nutritionist at a WIC clinic for two years and worked with the Topahkal Family Practice to provide traditional, complementary, and alternative medicine to uninsured patients in Albuquerque.

Field placement: Medical Legal Partnership Boston

Boston, Massachusetts

Collaborating with lawyers and pediatricians, Bianca worked to address hunger and nutrition from a children's health perspective.  She assisted patient families with food stamp applications and low-income utility discounts, conducted intakes at the Energy Clinic, advocated for clients with government agencies, and worked with the MLPC to identify best practices for the Energy Clinic.

Policy placement: Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

Washington, D.C.

Bianca researched the social determinants of obesity for the JointCenter’s Health Policy Institute.  The findings broadened existing partnerships and initiated changes in relevant policy.  Bianca also co-authored an article on racial health disparities for Focus Magazine and helped to strengthen partnerships between the Joint Center and anti-hunger organizations.