Deanna Wilson

Deanna graduated from Swarthmore College in 2004 with a sociology-anthropology major and biology minor.  She coordinated an after-school tutoring and mentoring program for high school students while participating in various community organizations that empowered targeted community members, and educated students about poverty and homelessness.  She also conducted sociological and biological … Read more

Laura Tatum

Laura graduated from Bowdoin College in 2004 with a BA in sociology and Spanish.  She served on the Common Good Grant Committee and was involved in a variety of volunteer programs on poverty and education at Bowdoin.  She studied abroad in La Paz, Bolivia, interned at a family support center, … Read more

Judy Stermer

Judy earned a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and religious studies from the University of Dayton. She was involved in the Center for Social Concern where she developed programs for the Dayton Campfire Boys and Girls and for the Summer Appalachia Program. Judy also spent time in Guatemala studying Spanish and working … Read more

Micah Schwartz

Micah graduated in 2003 from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in political and social thought.  He completed an honors thesis on the welfare reformsof the Clinton administration and served as student body president.  After graduation, Micah spent a year teaching and coaching at a boarding school in the … Read more

Shawn Powers

Shawn graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Williams College with a degree in economics.  He served for three years as director of Williams Recovery of All Perishable Surplus (WRAPS), which distributes surplus dining hall food to agencies serving the needy in northern Berkshire County, Massachusetts.  Shawn also organized and led alternative … Read more

David Pedulla

David graduated from Boston College in the spring of 2004 with a degree in history.  He has worked to combat hunger and homelessness at Haley House, a multi-service organization for homeless men in Boston, and through an internship as an organizer on issues of transportation and racial justice.  He also … Read more

Sarah Osmer

Sarah graduated summa cum laude from Emory University with a BA in sociology and religion, and a minor in community building and social change.  She participated in the Kenneth Cole Fellowship in Community Building and Social Change, studied abroad in Costa Rica, and wrote an honors thesis on mixed-income housing.  … Read more

Faith Nyirenda

Faith graduated from the University of Southern California in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  She participated in USC’s Alternative Spring Break program in Uruguay and Argentina where she helped create a sustainable garden for the elderly in Montevideo and restored a community kitchen.  Faith has also … Read more

Dan Murphy

Dan is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where he majored in math and economics.  He completed a thesis project combining game theory and Northern Ireland politics based on research he conducted while in Belfast.  Dan also worked in a morgue for the Visible Human Project (a biomedical … Read more

Lucinda Megill

Lucinda is a 2004 graduate of Juniata College where she received a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies and Elementary Education.  She was a facilitator and campaign leader for the Juniata College Peace Organization, where she focused on fair trade coffee and landmine removal.  She has worked with Habitat for … Read more

Andrea Matsuoka

Andrea graduated with honors from Williams College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science.  She was an outreach coordinator and counselor for the Rape & Sexual Assault Network, served on the President-appointed Committee on Diversity and Community, worked as a Junior Advisor, and facilitated the student-run Williams … Read more

Katherine Mastman

Katy earned a BA from Brown University, with a double major in political science and honors community health.  She spent studied abroad Sydney, Australia, and in Quito, Ecuador, and conducted research in Guatemala and Mexico on foreign assistance and women’s health. She worked with Oxfam in Australia, served as a … Read more