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The SNAP Gap in the South

Ashlyn Anderson, Zero Hunger Intern

Eboni Bright, Zero Hunger Intern

Delanie Vinzant, Zero Hunger Intern
Published 2021


This presentation was delivered as part of the 2021 Zero Hunger Summer Seminars. The 2021 Zero Hunger Interns were asked to describe a hunger-related issue or problem they see in their region, and potential policy solutions to address it. Watch more of the interns’ presentations.

The 2021 Zero Hunger Internships and the 2021 Summer Seminars are made possible with the support of the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation

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Anderson headshot

Ashlyn Anderson

Zero Hunger Intern

Bright headshot

Eboni Bright

Zero Hunger Intern

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Delanie Vinzant

Zero Hunger Intern