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PPT Presentation: Referral system learning workshop in Karonga, Malawi

Zach Andersson, Leland Fellow
Published 2015

Zach developed this PowerPoint presentation while leading a two-day referral system learning workshop for stakeholders in Karonga, Malawi from April 14-15, 2015. The workshop formally marked the end of project engagement in Karonga, and its objective was to provide resources and facilitate a collaborative discussion in the hopes that Karonga stakeholders engaged to that point would see the value added to their work by formalizing a referral network and creating a referral system, and organize themselves to accomplish those objectives without LIFT’s involvement.

Past referral experiences in Karonga (both formal and informal) were highlighted to understand what did and did not work, while also recognizing that whatever is created should fit within existing systems. The second day of the workshop was almost exclusively devoted to mapping a route for the Karonga network to get on a sustainable path toward what they hope to achieve together. The presentation gives examples of successes and challenges from multiple project sites in Malawi and other countries, which helped participants think through what is feasible in Karonga. By the end of the workshop, a core group of Karonga service providers stated their commitment to carry the work forward. Revised resources (service directory, targeting sheet, PPT slides) were shared with those present so that they can continue to update and adapt, as needed.

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Publication tags: Health, Nutrition and Hunger

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Zach Andersson

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