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Nutrition for Sale: Solutions that are Feeding Bellies, Brains and Businesses

Jennie Lane, Leland Fellow

Giselle Aris, Leland Fellow
Published 2016

6th class Leland Fellow Giselle Aris and 8th class Leland Fellow Jennie Lane collaborated on this article, which outlines Land O’Lakes’ work to create synergy between building livelihoods and nutrition through a focus on women’s participation in value-chains that bring nutritious food to market.

“When a small business becomes a large business, it creates an average of 200 jobs.  When that business model is inclusive and focused on nutritious value chains, the opportunities to improve the livelihoods and nutrition of the worlds’ poor are magnified.  Identifying those businesses and helping them overcome the financial and technical barriers to achieve success are the foundation of Land O’Lakes International Development’s Inclusive Finance and Enterprise Development practice area.”

Publication tags: Blog post - Food Systems and Agriculture, Gender, Health, Nutrition and Hunger, Value-chain development - Entrepreneurs, Food Retailers, Mothers and children, Smallholder Farmers

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Jennie Lane

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