Donley Jackson headshot

Leland Fellow

Stephanie Donley Jackson

1st Class, 2001-2003

Field Placement: World Food Program, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Stephanie Donley Jackson collaborated with NGO and UN partners to design advocacy workshops, and she coordinated with UN logistics officers on the transportation, storing, and delivery of food to post-disaster regions of the country. Her focus was on food relief and food-for-development projects.

Policy Placement: World Food Program, Rome, Italy

Stephanie worked with the WFP Development Unit, which provides guidance on the implementation of WFP’s development portfolio. Stephanie created a WFP field newsletter, organized workshops, and provided support to country offices in the design of development programs, particularly those related to disaster prevention and response.

Pre-Fellowship Education/Experience:

Stephanie was a field researcher in Bangladesh’s Trickle Up Program and has studied in Cuba, Italy, and England. She served as a graduate fellow for Women for Women International and an intern in the U.S. House of Representatives and the World Bank Group. Stephanie earned a Master’s in International Development from the American University’s School of International Service and is fluent in Italian and Spanish, with a working knowledge of Bengali and Thai.