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Emerson Fellow

Rajitmeet Singh

29th Class, 2022-2023

Rajitmeet Singh is a Sikh American, first generation college graduate, immigrant, from Los Angeles, California. The past 5 years, Rajitmeet served in multiple nonprofit organizations to make meaningful change working with under-resourced communities with a focus on improving opportunity, achievement, and stability for students. Rajitmeet Singh loves exploring, asking questions about how things work, and drinking coffee while reading books about absolutely everything.

Field placement: UCI Basic Needs Center

Irvine, California

Rajitmeet is completing his field work at the UCI Basic Needs Center. His work includes serving the CalFesh team to reduce hunger and food insecurity among college students by increasing the visibility of CalFresh, reducing barriers in applying, and increasing the number of eligible students applying to CalFresh. Through community engagement/advocacy, Rajitmeet is focused on partnering with student populations who disproportionately face hunger and food insecurity to develop effective outreach and systems to achieve health equity for all at UCI.

Policy placement: FoodCorps

Washington, D.C.

Rajitmeet Singh is working with FoodCorps to research policies and programs that support healthy schools and healthy kids. Through this research, he is identifying policy solutions for FoodCorps that remove barriers to access, destigmatize school meals, and support increased school meal funding in order to provide free school meals for all students.

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