Mc Neil headshot

Leland Fellow

Melody Mc Neil

1st Class, 2001-2003

Field Placement: International Service for Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications, Nairobi, Kenya

Melody Mc Neil promoted sustainable agriculture programs in Kenya and Uganda by researching the benefits and barriers to biotechnology for smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Policy Placement: Bread for the World, Washington, DC

Melody worked with policy analysts to integrate support for biotechnology projects into Bread for the World’s comprehensive agriculture policy. She also wrote a chapter on African food security for Bread for the World’s annual Hunger Report.

Pre-Fellowship Education/Experience:

Melody graduated magna cum laude from Elmira College and earned a Master’s of Science in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University. She was a participant in the Russian Leadership Exchange Program, as well as the U.S. Congressional Page Program.