Hahn headshot

Emerson Fellow

Lisa Hahn

17th Class, 2010-2011

A native of Los Angeles County, Lisa graduated in 2008 with a degree in politics and international relations. She has worked on labor rights, peace, voting, citizenship, and immigration in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, California. She has also worked with the environmental justice movement, as a substitute teacher in the Los Angeles area, and as an English teacher in a rural town in Corea.

Field placement: California Association of Food Banks

Oakland, California

Lisa designed a statewide certification process for individuals conducting SNAP outreach and application assistance.  The first of its kind, Lisa defined statewide training standards and outlined a statewide training and certification program in collaboration with community partners, county welfare directors, and California state agencies.

Policy placement: Center for Community Change

Washington, D.C.

Lisa researched the connection between protecting Social Security and promoting jobs at a state and national level. She also provided educational updates and summaries to the policy team in the issue areas of Social Security, jobs, and the economy.

Hunger Free Community Report

Outreach and Application Assistance: Case Studies of California SNAP Outreach Trainings is a compilation of best practices in community-based SNAP outreach training methods from across California.