Zhang headshot

Emerson Fellow

Angela Zhang

29th Class, 2022-2023

Born and raised in California, Angela graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in Mathematics of Computation and a minor in Environmental Systems. Originally pursuing a career in Software Engineering, a course on environmental literature sparked her interest in food justice, health equity, and sustainable food systems. In her senior year, she led an undergraduate research project on barriers to student access of basic needs services during the pandemic. Since graduating, Angela has worked as a research assistant at the USC Keck School of Medicine and the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. In these roles, she has researched the impact of the food environment on nutrition security as well as the viability of aquatic foods in addressing the nutrient gap. In her capacity as a fellow, Angela is interested in working with marginalized populations to address disparities in food access, nutrition security, and chronic health outcomes.

Field placement: Just Harvest

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Angela is working at Just Harvest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is helping determine future directions for a number of fresh food access programs using qualitative methods and GIS mapping of community access indicators. Through surveys, interviews, and workshops, Angela's work seeks to incorporate community members in determining the most appropriate solutions to food apartheid in their communities.

Policy placement: The Brookings Institution

Washington, D.C.