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Field Reports

Food Pantry Best Practices: Centering Client-Choice, Dignity, and Equity

Landy Lin, Emerson Fellow

Wesley House Community Center,
Published 2022-2023

Knoxville, Tennessee

The Wesley House Community Center is located in the heart of Mechanicsville in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Wesley House works with community members to provide emotional, educational, and spiritual resources through its various programs. The Wesley House’s food pantry was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It serves the immediate communities (Mechanicsville, Lonsdale, and Beaumont) as well as the rest of the city and county. This report outlines the history of the neighborhoods and the city’s current involvement in fighting food insecurity. This report also provides recommendations for a food pantry centered on client choice, protecting privacy, and maintaining dignity.

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Landy Lin

Emerson Fellow


Wesley House Community Center

Knoxville, Tennessee