Zero Hunger Interns Share Final Presentations

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The Summer 2019 Class of Zero Hunger Interns marked the end of their internships with a round of presentations of solutions to hunger in their home communities. Interns have completed a 10-week internship with host organizations focused on ending hunger in the United States and around the world, as well as attending a five-part Summer Seminar Series on the hunger and its root causes, and how policy and advocacy can be effective tools in eradicating it.

In these final presentations, streamed live via Facebook, interns discussed the current state of hunger in their home communities, as well as proposing solutions to reducing hunger there. “We wanted everyone in the program to take what they’ve been learning over the summer—about policy, about data, research, effective advocacy—and apply it to a place where they have influence…their hometown or their home community,” said Sam Stevens, who manages the Zero Hunger Internship.

Below: Zero Hunger Intern Chido Shamuyarira presents “Increasing Food Security in Mbare, Zimbabwe”

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The Summer 2019 Zero Hunger Interns pose for a group photo

Their summer internships complete, the Summer 2019 Zero Hunger Interns are ready to return to their home or campus communities as effective advocates for policies and remedies to hunger.

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