Congressional Hunger Center’s Statement on Racism and Violence Against Asian Americans


The Congressional Hunger Center is saddened and angered to learn of the shootings in Georgia this Tuesday. We grieve for the families of the eight people who were murdered, and we condemn the increasing violence and racism targeted at Asian Americans.

Our organization envisions a world free from hunger—and we cannot begin to adequately address the food security or safety of our nation if we do not acknowledge the role that racism plays in our nation’s past and present. The insidious narrative of scapegoating Asians in the United States has been replayed many times in our country’s history. This narrative’s latest form is tied to a documented pattern of attacks on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, according to the coalition Stop AAPI Hate, which has collected nearly 3,800 self-reports of incidents of abuse since March 2020. Nearly 70% of these incidents targeted women.

The Congressional Hunger Center categorically denounces xenophobic and gender-based violence fueled by toxic white supremacy, and we stand in solidarity with all those who seek a just society—where the dignity of each individual, regardless of race, color, or gender, is embraced and respected, and where one’s identity is not a destiny for violence, poverty, or hunger.


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