Emerson Fellows Celebrate Commencement

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The 23rd Class of Emerson Hunger Fellows at their Commencement In July the Congressional Hunger Center celebrated the Commencement of the 23rd Class of Emerson National Hunger Fellows. Fellowship alumni, staff, supervisors, family, and friends were on hand to recognize … Read more

Spring Internship Reflections

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This spring the Congressional Hunger Center was fortunate enough to be joined by our two terrific interns Kiana Kelly and Stephanie Jamilla. If you’ve been keeping an eye on this blog, you will have encountered their work already. We’re so … Read more

Emerson Fellows Complete Policy Training

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The 23rd Class of Emerson Fellows and CHC staff meet with CHC Board Chair Rep. James McGovern in his office during policy training. Each February, Emerson Hunger Fellows leave their field placements across the country and move to Washington, D.C., … Read more

23rd Class Emerson Hunger Fellow Policy Placements

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We are excited to announce the policy placements for the 23rd Class of Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellows!  The Emerson Fellows have spent the last five months working at community-based organizations across the country to address issues of hunger and poverty.  In … Read more